The Gallery

Much of the Artisan’s talent lies in viewing an object or any entity, and turning it into a Stained Glass work of Art. As you will encounter in many of the examples shown below.

Another artful subject is working up an artistic pattern from a subject by a customer’s ideas and parameters. We create an imaginative design from scratch, review it with the owners, and draw up the pattern to present a piece such as this window panel for St. Margret Mary’s Church in Apalachin, New York.

The Artisan has created many new patterns for Kitchen Cabinets, Glass doors and Sidelights, Skylights, recessed Floor Entry panels, Insulated window panels, hanging window panels, coffee table tops, transoms (interior and exterior), panel lamps, fans, valance light fixtures, tiffany lamps, wall sconces, picture frames, candle holders, mosaic plaques, and so much more.

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We look forward to seeing you in our Studio or just having to peak your interest and look us over!

Featured Examples